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Reset Your Mind

Just like our digital devices, humans need to be reset...but life’s fast pace doesn’t make it easy to pause. We’re constantly connected to our phones and computers and we never truly unwind. That’s exactly why we created The Sanctuary Wellness Retreats.

3-days. No devices. So you can truly reset your mind.


Refresh Your Body

Deep down, we know what our bodies need. We need clean, healthy, biodynamic food. We need time to disconnect and truly relax. And we need active movement...stretching, yoga and bodywork.

The Sanctuary Wellness Retreat delivers these essentials and more.


Rediscover Your Spirit

Our spirit needs to be nurtured equally along with our body. The demands of a crazy world don’t give us time to balance our mind, body and spirit so we’re grounded and connected to what matters most. When is the last time you journaled? Or painted? Danced? or Laughed? We offer opportunities to unlock your creative spirit again.


The Experience

What makes us different

Most retreats are one-size fits all. Everyone is offered the same therapies and the same activities.

At Sanctuary Wellness Retreats, we go past “one-size fits all” and use state-of-the-art scanning, assessments and coaching to fully customize your 3-day experience specifically to meet your needs and give your body what it’s missing. Here’s how it works:

  • Advanced Bioenergetic Scan: We begin your experience with an advanced bioenergetic scan that reveals exactly what your body needs at the cellular level.

  • Neurological Patterning Assessments: Used by the top neuro-sports-performance specialists. This assessment helps us determine optimization techniques to improve your balance and your relationship with gravity. Ultimately bringing your brain and your physical body into full alignment, reducing pain and preventing injury.

  • Pinpoint your purpose: You’ll work with an executive-level mental optimization coach to get laser-focused (or re-focused) and reconnect fully with your purpose and life goals.


Day 1

Escape to paradise with a full body massage, tea ceremony, aromatherapy, and soothing scalp massage. This is your welcoming ritual, easing you into a true state of relaxation.

You’ll experience soul nurturing, beach walks, sunset meditation, customized wellness therapies, and farm to table meals.

In the evening, be encouraged by an inspirational talk and finish your evening with a mineral foot bath and reflexology massage. Drift off to slumber after a mineralizing drink to aid in a good night’s sleep.


Day 2

Begin your day with breakfast in your private suite and time to connect with what really matters to you. Enjoy a healing stretch over Sunset Cliffs, body rolling and strengthening classes, and a private session with an integrative nutritionist.

Be treated to cell rejuvenating practices, integrative structural massage and a cleansing and brightening facial. Embark on a guided beach hike, receive a cryogenic stem cell treatment, lymphatic drainage, and soothing techniques to cradle you to sleep.


Day 3

Experience the pleasure of breathing deeper and knowing what complete relaxation feels like. On this third day of deep nurturing, your body is now awakening and rejuvenation has begun.

We will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to take The Sanctuary Wellness Experience home and integrate it into your daily life. You’ll leave our gates fully reset, refreshed and energized.


Reserve Your Reset

The Sanctuary Wellness Experience hosts one retreat a month in an intimate setting. If you would like to learn more please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.



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